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Magnetism Magic 

Polymagnets with Motion Mechanisms

Joyful Attachment Solutions!

Polymagnets® are the World’s First Smart Magnets. Think of Polymagnets® as programmable magnets. By combining many magnetic fields, CMR’s technology transforms ordinary magnets into precision-tailored magnetic systems called Polymagnets.  Polymagnets can do things no conventional rare-earth magnets can.

You can have a try at the Poly Magnets, click here for more details

Topic Summary:

  • Myth Buster
  • Attachment Polymagnets
  • Temporary Attachments
  • Visualize magnets
  • Live Pull Testing
  • Design Tips
  • Action Steps
  • Q & A
  • Breakout Sessions:
    • Detent Positioning
    • Switchable Polymagnetics

About this Presentation:

When: March 2nd, 2021 6:00 PM

Schedule:   5:50 pm – Online access opens
6:00pm – Presentation begins by Jeffery Eliason, Motion Mechanisms representing Polymagnets

Meeting Cost: Free BUT PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED! To RSVP, Click on Sign-Up link at the end of this email. If you have issues, please e-mail us at

Deadline: 5 PM  on Friday February 26, 2021.  Limited to 1st 100 participants

Platform: Virtual on your PC and/or smart phone

Sign-Up Link

Following registration and prior to the meeting you will receive handouts, phone numbers, a link and meeting ID to access the Zoom webinar. 


For a preview watch this inspiring video about Polymagnets:

Mind-Blowing Magic Magnets – Smarter Every Day 153

All times are USA Central Standard Time (GMT-6)

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