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April 11th, 2023 5:30 PM
80 Gordon St, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
limit 20 people
Cost $10.00

We are a robotics company that provides robots(or any other type of automation like case packers) by the hour. We charge only for the uptime of the equipment. (think of a staffing agency that provides robots instead of manual labor)

We scope, design, and install the equipment and will charge once the system is up and running at our customer’s facility; we also continue to monitor and service the robots at no additional cost so the production can catch up. 

The key benefits that you get by partnering with Formic:

·         Zero $ down for automation projects!

o    Formic pays for the entire project and manages the build and deployment of the system on your floor. 

·         Zero risk for automation projects!

o    Formic takes on all responsibility for the system while providing “Guaranteed Uptime” – a promise no other solution provider can offer 

o    If the system isn’t working as advertised, you aren’t paying! 

·         Included service/maintenance for the duration of the agreement

o    Formic is responsible for regularly scheduled maintenance and replacement of wear items as well as emergency service for unexpected downtime 

·         24/7 Service and Support 

o    Formic can provide multiple layers of system support, including remote and on-site – all at no additional cost! 

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